Is There a Place for Backpacks in Classrooms?

Shyla Ashbay, 8th Grade

Over my time at West Jessamine Middle School I would have to say lockers are a hassle and it would be much easier to just carry around a backpack rather than go to your locker every time you need to get something for class. Lockers are not very convenient and waste a lot of time.

Using personal experience I don´t like lockers. All of my classes are downstairs except for one, and that´s where my locker is. If I ever need anything out of my locker I need to go upstairs just to come back downstairs and that is taking away time I could be using to learn. It would be much simpler to just turn around and grab the item I need out of my backpack.

Personally, I think lockers are just too much and a waste of space. Some people disagree and they prefer to use lockers so a simple solution would be to let students choose what they want.

There are some students who carrying around large over-sized binders with papers oozing out of every opening. I’ve seen some really unorganized binders in my middle school years and they’re pretty bad. There are papers everywhere and folders are broken because they’re so full. A simple solutions to fix this problem would be carrying around a backpack to allow students to be more organized. Also, students would not have to leave class every time they need something.

I’ve talked to several people that attend WJMS and they all agree that we should carry backpacks rather than have lockers.

I decided to take this issue straight to the top and spoke with Principal Matt Albertson. He said the reason we don’t carry around backpacks is because of safety hazards. For instance, if there was a fire students would be tripping on backpacks trying to exit their classroom. Also, the classrooms are so small there isn’t much room to put a backpack.

If the school were to allow backpacks Albertson said it would cause many problems. Imagine about 1,000 students all going through a hallway. There is a chance of people getting hit with bags and dropping things out of their bags. However, he did say with possible renovations to the building he may consider it but overall it is very unsafe and just not a good idea.

So, yes backpacks may be better and way more convenient but it’s a huge safety hazard. Also, speaking as middle schooler, middle school students are very immature and middle school students in the hallway without backpacks is a huge train wreck by itself.