The Show Must Go On


By: Joshua Tatro, 8th Grader

West Jessamine Middle School recently put on a production of Singin’ In The Rain Jr. as a part of JCS Arts Festival on the Green. 

Eighth-grader Clara Brumfield said before the show, “We’ve all worked really hard for this show, and I think it will pay off.” And according to her fellow cast mate and eighth-grader Corbett Sears, it did. “Everyone gave it their best effort, and it showed during our performances.”

Due to COVID-19, the performers were required to wear face shields, which led to some mishaps and funny moments. There were several times during songs and dances, when people’s shields would fall down and they would have to adjust them.

But everyone had their own favorite moments. “My favorite part of the show was dancing backstage during songs,” Sears said. “My favorite part is Lina’s song, ‘What’s Wrong With Me?’” Brumfield commented.

Overall, everyone in the cast had a great time with the show, and the applause at the end of a show is never a bad thing.

With the show over and the festival coming to an end, the anticipation for the next musical has already begun to build. Whether it’s the seventh and sixth graders having big shoes to fill, or the eighth-graders excited for a new adventure in High School, West’s musical program is strong, there’s one thing COVID has taught them: the show must go on!