Highlight of Cross Country

The Girls Cross Country team has done great this year, finishing sixth in the Ryle International, third in the Rumble Through The Jungle, and second in the Chick-fil-A Invitational. The girl that got them there is seventh-grader Lilliana Greathouse.

Cross Country runners Kylie Marcum and Jules Police agree that Greathouse should be highlighted for what she has done for the team. Both of these students commended her for being a strong runner that never gives up and creates a positive environment.

“She has stood out to me since the first day of cross country,” Police said.  “She inspires me to run more because Lily is a strong runner.”

According to the runners, Greathouse is a hard worker and the best on the team. She has done the best on the team on all of the races. Greathouse works really hard, training during the summer and even running with high schoolers. Her work ethic has led the Girls’ Cross Country team to victory.

“She shows she likes cross country because she is never negative or down, always happy and willing to put in the work to run,” Marcum said.