Covid Effects On Students & Faculty


Staff photo

Students work on their articles in the Journalism classroom.

Caroline DeLong, 7th Grade

New opinions and facts have arised over Covid-19 protocols for the year of 2021-2022 from students & faculty who are affected by Covid-19 at WJMS.

Everyday activities and classroom layouts have been changed due to required Covid-19 safety procedures. Last year, desks were spaced out from each other and classes were not allowed to eat in the cafeteria. The entire school was required to have scheduled online classes for the beginning of the year. Thankfully, this year is not the same as last year. Desks are not spaced out and classes are not online yet. Unfortunately, students are still required to wear masks unless eating or drinking.

Some people don’t mind masks and others are not very fond of the mandate. “I think that having to keep the masks on the whole day is a little bit unnecessary,” says Jules Police, a 7th grade cross country runner at WJMS.

Sports events & school dances have had to be canceled. Last year the Middle School Dance was cancelled due to Covid safety.

“I do not think that there are any unnecessary protocols except that some teachers are just a little bit strict about masks,” says Jack Lee, a 7th grade soccer player for WJMS.