Is West Jessamine Middle School Safe?



West Jessamine Middle School.

Alex Banks & Eliza Bartlett, 7th Grade

At West Jessamine Middle School, safety is a priority. However, people think different things about it. 

According to our SRO (School Resource Officer) Officer Jackson, “I would really like to see metal detectors be installed in the school building.” He also states, “We have a pretty safe school overall, but there is a few flaws and installing metal detectors could be a major safety improvement.” 

Students have a similar opinion on it. According to Jacob Webb, a seventh grader at WJMS, metal detectors would be nice to see as well as another SRO. With another SRO he says the school would feel even safer. He says this because if one SRO is out dealing with something in the city, and if something bad were to happen, there would be an SRO at the school to help. 

The mention of metal detectors and safety improvements tie into recent vandalism that happened in school bathrooms. The metal detectors could help by not allowing students to bring in weapons and other tools to vandalize bathrooms, etc.

“It’s crazy for no reason,” says seventh-grader Paige Hobgood.  “People are vandalizing for no reason but just to be cool.”

With everything happening at school it is important to take a lot of precautions even if you don’t like the tornado drills or fire drills. We still need to practice safety drills in case something happens so we can be prepared. Overall WJMS is a really safe school thanks to our administrative team, Officer Jackson, Officer Cobb, and our safety drills.