Interesting foods


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Salmon eggs is a delicacy that some students enjoy.

By: Anna Daugherty & Owen Bates , 7th Grade

Have you ever tried Alligator or real salmon eggs? Well most people haven’t , but have you ever tried anything weird that people would not eat in general ? People have tried different foods that you need to know about.

Seventh-graders, Vitaliy Pugach and Mason Everly are normal students at West Jessamine Middle School that have tried not so normal foods Everly tried Alligator and Pugach tried real salmon eggs!

“My dad and my brother would always go fishing back when we lived in California and one day we just decided to eat salmon eggs,” Pugach said.

Everly tried alligator and he has some good advice about trying new foods. “I think trying new foods is good to do because it can get you out of your comfort zone , you might like it,” Everly said.

There are some other weird food combos that people are eating such as: mac and cheese ice cream, to hot dogs in cereal! People might think it’s gross, some might think it’s good, you will have to try it out for yourself!

There have also been some viral TikToks about food combinations. Some people are trying cucumber with sugar and mustard with watermelon! Would you try these foods?