Is a New Trend Taking Over?


Zach Pinkston

Seventh-grader Rhett Hager uses the hand-sanitizer station outside of the restrooms.

Preslie Houp & Josephine Judd , 7th Grade

Is a new TikTok trend taking over schools? A recent trend on TikTok, called the devious lick, has been affecting schools’ spirits and bathrooms. 

The TikTok trend that supposedly started in May took full effect at our school. This trend is where you steal and vandalize school property while filming yourself and posting it for the fun of it. It started with the soap and has climbed up to a toilet.

West Jessamine Middle has been forced to increase in surveillance because of this trend.

“I think this trend is very immature and I’m sad about the irresponsibility coming from our students,” said Vice Principal, Ashley Brown.

Not only has this affected the bathrooms, but this has also impacted the school emotionally. 

“This has affected the school spirit and has brought a bad vibe,” says Oaklee Hulet, a seventh-grade student at West and continues. “Future sixth-graders might not want to come here because of this trend.”

Small changes around the school such as adding more surveillance and moving the soap dispenser seem to be making a positive impact and hopefully this will continue.