A Family Being Created


Staff Photo

The West Middle Choir performs at its December concert.

Maddie Taylor & Sophia Galvan , 7th Grade

One. Two. Three. And… Choir Director Katie Bashore and seventh-grade choir student Weston Cross are both obsessed with choir at West Jessamine Middle School.

They, along with may others, put 110 percent into choir. Choir and concerts are very important to Bashore and Cross. It takes about three months to plan for a concert.

“First I choose music and study it. Give the music out around two months until the concert. Start working on it and polishing the songs around one month until,” said Bashore. She does this to make sure the concert goes smoothly and to make sure her students are satisfied.

“The people there are very nice. It’s like one big family,” said Cross. “My favorite part is when we sing and we do good and grow.”

This is Bashore’s first year teaching and the choir thinks she has done a phenomenal job. “The most important thing to me in choir is to create a family.”

WJMS Choir just had their second concert on Dec. 9 at West Jessamine High School. The director and student agree that the hardest part about planning and performing concerts is getting everyone together and the music.

Choir is important and a family is being created through every choir student and the director.

“My favorite part of class is hearing the end result,” Bashore said. “Not the concert. But listening to the kids create music.”