Is School Lunch Really a Break?


Staff Photo

Eighth-graders enjoying their lunch time.

Parker Noble and Drew Taylor , 8th Grade

If you randomly chose ten people in WJMS and asked each one if they had a phone, most likely nine out of the ten people would answer yes. Everyone wants to use it during class time, but they can’t and probably shouldn’t be able to, except for during lunch, our 25 minute so-called ¨break¨ from school. But is it really a break?

We should be able to use our phones during lunch. This is for many different reasons as to why.

¨We should be able to have our phones out at lunch because we can see what is happening after school, socialize, and play games with our friends.¨ 

Victor Pacheco, eighth-grader at West Jessamine Middle School, thinks the same.

¨The benefits of having our phones out at lunch are that we can be informed of what is happening after school, check our grades, and get it out of our system so that we don´t get tempted to use them in class.¨ Pacheco stated.

Carter Stacy, eighth-grade student at WJMS, and also has strong opinions about the issue.

¨I think that it is unjust. Even though they can have their phones out during their break, we can´t ,and we even get our phones taken away.¨ Stacy stated.

Wrapping it up, we should be able to have our phones out at lunch because there are many benefits and it makes our lunch more like a deserved break. Even though the teachers are the ones getting paid and they really do deserve a break where they can eat lunch and do what they want, we also deserve a break where we can do what we want, and doing what we want includes being able to have our phones out.