Is Homework Good or Bad For Students?

Luke Murphy , 8th Grade

Teachers think homework is good for students, but do they know how it really affects them? Students get so much stress off of homework alone, not to mention the work they do in school. Is homework good or bad?

I feel students get lots of stress and overwhelmed from homework. If they have a little homework it is fine but teachers are starting to give more and more homework.

In the 2020-2021 school year students had so much homework and it was too much to handle. I feel students should have little to no homework. If students don’t get their homework done they get stress from their parents, teachers, and grades. Some teachers will help you but most don’t.

Andrea Ramsey who has taught for seven years. Ramsey says homework can cause positive or negative effects. If a student uses resources from class and uses it as practice it helps, but if a student doesn’t know how to do it then it negatively affects them. Ramsey gives students homework for extra practice and if a student is trustworthy then she will accept an excuse.

Students say work should stay at school and Ramsey’s take on it is that teachers have limited time with students and homework gives them extra time to learn and practice.

Drew Taylor, a student at West Jessamine Middle School. He loves video games and football. Taylor says homework can make him stressed and if he doesn’t know how to do it and it’s hard to get help if the teacher doesn’t get back with him quickly enough at home. Taylor gets lots of homework and if he doesn’t do it all he gets overwhelmed by his parents, teachers, and grades.

Hearing from a student you can see what homework does, now if there is a little homework I can agree that it does help students. Now what do you feel? Does homework have good or bad effects on students?