The Hoopers of WJMS


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Staff Photo Seventh-grader Caleb Jones is taking a shot. .

Mason Everly & Brady Stockton, 7th Grade

West Jessamine Middle School recently finished making their 2021-2022 boys basketball roster. Here is what a player from each grade level had to say about the 35 game season.

Tryouts started on Sept. 20 and lasted two days. Unlike last year, there is a team for all grades sixth, seventh, and eighth. For each team there are about 10 or more players which is a pretty sizable number. All the players we interviewed said that they think they’re role on the team will fill that of a leader.

Sixth-grade player Carter Wolfe is 12-years -old and says he hopes he can impact the team by being a leader that helps his teammates stay focused and keeps them encouraged. “I like my teammates’ attitude and we play great together”. The sixth-grade team has the most players out of all the grade levels.

Seventh-grade player Caleb Jones is also 12-years- old and he has been playing since preschool. Jones is a point guard for the seventh-grade team. Just like Wolfe he wants to be a leader for the team and help guide them to a state championship. Jones says that the coach is hard on the team and he thinks that is a good thing because it will toughen them up.

Eighth-grade player Kyler Gregory is 14-years-old and has been playing for 10 years. Gregory said that this year the eighth-grade team is pretty solid. “We got some hoopers out there,” Gregory said.

All players are very excited for the season to come and cannot wait to see how they perform. This season will surely be a great comeback from COVID. Will you be there to watch them do what West does best… WIN