The Need for More Assemblies

Aubrey Grall & Ava Mullannix, 8th Grade

Many students, teachers, and staff at West Jessamine Middle School believe that we should have more assemblies. We all agree with this.

We’re going on our third year at WJMS and we only remember having one or two assemblies. When interviewing eighth- grader Jenna Pearman we had asked what the most memorable assembly was for her. She stated that, “We didn’t have enough assemblies, and she could only remember having one.” 

Pearman agrees with us about having more assemblies. She stated that she thinks we should have more assemblies to raise school spirit. She thinks we can do something like this by having pep rallies when we play big games. She also thinks that this could improve some people’s school involvement.

We also interviewed Carrie Dziki, also known as one of the counselors at WJMS. Dziki has been at West for five years. Dziki enjoys camping, going on hikes, and anything to do with her three kid’s sports. Dziki said if we were to have more assemblies some good suggestions would be pep rallies, motivational speakers, and/or an educated speaker.

After speaking to a student and counselor, it looks like everyone agrees with our ideas! More assemblies will bring up school spirit and bring everyone together. So let’s raise school spirit and have more assemblies! This is why I think we should have more assemblies.