Pancakes vs. Waffles

Colin David , 8th Grade

Some of you may of had this argument before, which is better: pancakes or waffles. Now there are lots of reasons why people may like pancakes over waffles, or many reasons why people may like waffles over pancakes, but let me tell you my opinion on how I prefer pancakes over waffles. 

Usually breakfast is the most important meals of the day, and usually people will have cereal, eggs, bacon etc. On some occasions people will go somewhere and get some high quality food, like pancakes or waffles, that you usually can’t get at home. This makes people enjoy the moment of eating waffles or pancakes, since they do not get to eat them that often. 

“Pancakes are 10 times better than waffles because they are softer than waffles, the syrup doesn’t get stuck in little sectors but as for pancakes to syrup just goes right inside the pancake making the pancake have syrup throughout it,” said Drew Cooney, an eighth-grade social studies teacher. Cooney loves all the features pancakes have that waffles could never have.

“It has a really soft outer and inner layer, unlike waffles which are crunchy and hard to eat. This is one reason why pancakes are so much better than waffles,” he explained.

Ashley Waits is an eighth-grade science teacher at West Jessamine Middle School, and Waits says that she thinks that waffles are better than pancakes, and would choose waffles over pancakes any day.  “Waffles are so much better than pancakes because they do not get soggy as fast as pancakes, and when you pour the syrup the waffles have individual pockets where you can pour the syrup into, making you get the syrup throughout the waffle,” she says. I would overall choose pancakes over waffles because pancakes hav

e this softness which makes them easy to eat, making them have a very good taste, along with me putting certain toppings on my pancakes, this makes them taste even better. Now you know why I would overall choose pancakes over waffles. When it comes to you making the decision on what you want to eat during breakfast, will you choose pancakes or waffles?