The West Jessamine Football Experience


Staff Photo

West Jessamine Football team gets ready to kick-off.

The West Jessamine Colts football team is a great experience that helps you bond with others; make friends; and grow your experience in football. It can also help you in your everyday life.

“My teammates and coaches show me that I can do more than I think I can,” said eighth-grader Lincoln Coffman.

Even though it is an intense sport the coaches and team encourage each other to get better. The team has so much trust in each other, and football has helped all of them gain more responsibility in their lives. The boys grew less arrogant as the season went on because they realized it’s was harder than they thought.

“I enjoy it (football) , it helps get my emotions out and keeps me busy,” Coffman said.

Football in general has helped people a lot. From being a sport they enjoy , to being a way to get stress out from school and work, or just a way to meet and make new friends.

“The coaches pick us up, we do everything as a team, we do nothing alone,” said player Paxton Gray.

So the west football experience is not only fun and a great sport; but the team is like a family and are there for one another.