Speeding Through the Season


Gabriel Kennedy , 7th Grade

This year the cross country team is bigger and faster than ever with both new runners and experienced runners working hard to achieve goals.

Many runners that have been helping the team place in the top five at every meet. One of these runners is Levi Walker, a seventh-grade student who has been running since second-grade.

“I like improving and getting through the pain even though I’m not very fast,” Walker said.

The cross country team has been improving physically and mentally because of the hard work and effort.

”I have been running for a long time,” said seventh-grader Parker Richardson. “I am great at running for a long distance and I love it.”

According to Richardson, cross country is a very hard sport because of the physical effort of running for a long time, but also the mental effort of getting through the pain. Getting through the pain can be the hardest, and yet this year’s team has mastered this skill.

The cross country team has been flying through the races, mainly because of the practice at home. All runners who are serious about running run about 20 miles per week. Running on your own can make a huge difference.