Extra, Extra, Come After School


Don’t have anything to do after school? Well, there are multiple great after school activities to fit your creativeness and your interest. Each day after school there’s at least one after school activity going on from Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP), to Academic Team, Hivemind, and sport related activities.

For each student there is a diverse idea of interests. Teachers love to see those interests grow and flourish. For example, STLP is a wonderful after school program that teaches kids how to work together and gives us a sense of voice and leadership skills. Every Tuesday Ashley Hunt, a seventh-grade science teacher, hosts about 20 kids in room 258 from 3:45-4:45 to work on their projects that they will be presenting. “I love supporting our school, community, and students,” said Hunt. STLP is a student project lead based group where you get to compete in various competitions.

Another great after school activity that encourages student’s creativeness and involvement with the school is Nicole Markle’s new Hivemind program. (Markle is the family resource manager) Markle has been working on Hivemind, a time for students to discuss their ideas and plans for the school, fundraisers to help out, and open new opportunities in the community.

Even though this after school activity is pretty new, Markle has great hopes that it will benefit students, and make them feel like they are being heard. “It [Hivemind] is an hour of your day that you are not necessarily having to do homework, that you can plan to be connected and spend time socializing with your friends,” Markle said. If this sounds interesting to you, go to the bulletin board in the cafeteria, and fill out a slip of paper, and meet Markle after school on Thursdays, 3:45-4:45.

If these don’t interest you, here are some more ideas: Active Minds, Garden Club, the school musical, Teen Outreach Program, Fellowship of Christan Athletes (FCA), and more!