Water Bottles at WJMS


Jake Barker

A student enjoys a drink of water from their water bottle.

Hydro Flasks, plastic bottles, bottles with straws or bottles with your favorite designs- it seems like water bottles are everywhere at West Jessamine Middle School. However, the teachers have mixed feelings about allowing water bottles in their classrooms.

Of the school’s nine teams, eight allow water bottles in the classrooms. There are many things that a team takes into consideration when making a decision about water bottles. The seventh-grade Marshals team is the only team that doesn’t allow water bottles in the classroom. Their reasoning is bottles can be a distraction to other kids.

“No we don’t allow them but we don’t deny a student’s request to go get a drink unless it is 10-10,” reports Cheryl Scales, Marshals math teacher.

The Broncos, a sixth grade team, are all for water bottles, but they address the fact that they can have minor problems.

“I can’t stand when the Hydro Flasks fall or get tipped over and all the students say sk sk sk when they fall over.” says Science teacher Brian Neal.

The eighth grade teams see the advantages to allowing water bottles perched on top of desks.

“I am for the water bottle policy because of the research that shows the benefits of being hydrated and performance in the classroom,” said Andrea Ramsey, eighth-grade math teacher.