A Walk Back in Time


staff photo

Eighth graders listen in the school house at Fort Harrod.

   The Fort Harrod field trip, that occurred between Oct. 2-3, 2019, was an event in which eighth grade teams traveled to Fort Harrod State Park. Eighth grade teachers thought of this field trip as a fun and educational experience, and a good way to spend time with their students.     Fort Harrod State Park is known to most people as a landmark of history, with explanations of the past and what the population of the original fort experienced. It was a place with so much to learn about and it makes you feel like you’re really one of those people living in the camp- the first fort established in the Bluegrass- hundreds of years ago. “It is important to immerse students in history,” says Angela Burton, eighth grade Social Studies teacher on the Trailblazers team.

     The Fort Harrod field trip got eighth-grade students motivated to move outside of the classroom and head into the outside world to allow themselves to be immersed in history. The field trip was a chance for students to socialize about the subject and enhance themselves in their knowledge of history. “It was educational and fun to spend time with students outside of the classroom,” Burton says, when describing the trip.

    Social Studies teachers also had a great experience visiting the landmark, and are hopeful that this trip will help them connect more with students in the classroom. “We traveled there for the connection of the content for Social Studies classes,” says Burton. The overall experience during the Fort Harrod field trip was a very helpful and interesting way for students to learn about the events of the past. “It is a worthy experience for students that is intended to continue,” Burton said.