Students Remembering the Holocaust

Eighth-grade students recently learned about the Holocaust in English class to remember the importance of not repeating past maistakes.

     The students learned about a variety of topics during the Holocaust and made a project to fit their research topic. “It is important to learn about how the Nazi’s dehumanized the Jewish community and took away their rights,” Lily Craycraft, an eighth grader, commented.

      The students researched their topic, which spanned from Holocaust heroes to specific events, and then gave a presentation about what they learned. “My project is about how important the history behind the Holocaust is and how we should never forget the millions of Jewish people that died during this tragic event,” states eighth grader, Ellee Moore.

        It is also important to learn about how the Holocaust influenced different people. Eighth grade social studies student teacher, Logan Rider said, “everybody should learn about the Holocaust….and how we shouldn’t repeat our mistakes, so by doing a Holocaust project the students can be more informed of how terrible this event was.”