She’s Back!

Morgan Dowell poses by the trophy case.

     Have you ever injured yourself to the point where you can’t do what you love? Maybe not, but there’s one person that has: Morgan Dowell.

     You may already know about her injury from last year. But, she has come back, and come back strong! Eighth grader, Dowell, 13 years of age has been playing basketball since the age of four. She’s always been very aggressive and a hard worker. Jana Hughes, the head coach for Girls Basketball at West Jessamine Middle School, has been teaching for seven years, and has been coaching for 10. She thinks that Dowell is amazing, intense, and positive last year, the eighth grader was playing up for the West Jessamine High School girl’s basketball team, and injured her leg at a practice.

    She tore her ACL, MCL, and two of her meniscus, and wasn’t allowed to play for the rest of that season or the majority of her middle school season. The injury was devastating. “I was going through a play, and tried to save the ball from going out of bounds, I stopped on my left leg, and it basically went in and out. I had a bad feeling before I went in to practice, and when it happened it hurt a lot, I cried,”Dowell states.

     The injury experience was miserable for Dowell. When she would watch her team play without her, she was heartbroken. She did not think that she would come back strong, but she hoped that she would. Hughes believes that Dowell has come back strong, She recovered, with help from lots of physical therapy, and lots of practice. Although it can still be painful, she can take a moment to stretch it out, and then she gets right back to what she is doing.

       She is determined to be back on the court, after almost 10 months it has taken her to recover. She’s put in lots of hard work, and support from her friends, family, and coaches has kept her going. She believes that even if you can’t play, you can still learn. Dowell says, “It’s everything to me,” when referring to basketball.


Staff Photo

Dowell thinks of basketball as more than just a hobby. And her injury has helped shed even more light on that. After having fully recovered from her injury Dowell says, “If there is no tomorrow, how hard would you play today?”