What Impact Would Free Seating Have?

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 Lunch at West Jessamine Middle School should be a time of relaxation and socialization. For some students, it isn’t. 

    Will Canup, a student at West Jessamine Middle School, has a strong opinion about seating in the lunchroom. Canup says he’s always feeling left out at his table and that he doesn’t have many friends to sit and eat with. 

     “I don’t enjoy lunch class because I feel lonely.  I don’t have friends in my class. If there was free-seating in the cafeteria, I could keep a social connection between friends that I don’t have classes with,” Canup stated.

     Adam Overbay, an eighth-grader at West Jessamine Middle School, shares similar opinions with Canup about the lunchroom seating. Overbay says that going to lunch everyday is terrible. He said that he doesn’t have anything to look forward to, except the food.  

   “I don’t have any friends at my lunch table which makes lunch super boring. Lunch should be a break, a time to talk to your friends,” Overbay said.

     It can be a struggle, having free seating in the lunchroom. It can make dismissal harder, and make the cafeteria more chaotic than it is now. However, free seating will benefit more students. With free seats, students wouldn’t be left out anymore. Kids would look forward to coming to lunch every day, seeing their friends and enjoying some food with them. 

     “I think that with free seating would make a big impact on how students view school and it would make students enjoy coming to school everyday,” Adam stated.