Cross Teaming

As seventh graders turn into eighth graders in West Jessamine Middle School during 2019, they are introduced to so called cross teaming. But what is cross teaming?

Cross teams are what eighth graders use instead of three teams with a set of teachers for each subject. Students in sixth and seventh grade stay with only the teachers in their designated team, in their designated hallway. Cross teaming allows students to have classes with any of the teachers in the eighth grade instead of only teachers on one team. 

“Its preparing students for high school. As students go through middle schools they only see four teachers in one hallway but with cross teams there are more teachers that can see kids that aren’t in their hallways,” says Mathew Simpson, the assistant vice principal of WJMS.

However, students like cross teaming for a different reason. “Its cool because you get to see your friends” says Skylar Begley, a student at WJMS. 

It also has its disadvantages. Andrea Ramsey, an eighth grade math teacher, thinks it makes a few things difficult to workout. “One negative thing of cross teaming is things like field trips are difficult to working out because of how many teachers there are. They have made it to where certain classes go together,” says Ramsey. But even though they’re are definitely ups and downs, everyone seems to be fans of the cross teaming idea.