After School Events: What Students Think


Latrell Mason

West Jessamine Middle School provides 15 after school sports events for fall, winter and spring. Not to mention its 53 different clubs. A number of these events involve after school participation. So, how do academic students feel about this?

Luke Johnson has been a student at WJMS for 3 years now. He’s in eighth grade, on the Trailblazers team. Johnson is in the school  musical, so he spends a large amount of time practicing improv acting. Beacky Adams is his teacher and his practices are Monday and Tuesday; typically an hour and a half. 

“The only thing I want is some more longer practices,” says Johnson when talking about the school musical, “it would help out a lot.”

Johnson also feels like WJMS gives a wide variation of clubs and after school events. He says that there’s basically something for everyone.

Ezra Burton is also an eighth grader at WJMS. Burton participates in the musical, as well as National Junior Honor Society(NJHS) and Academic Team. NJHS meets during intervention and enrichment time on Tuesdays and Thursdays for about 30 minutes.

“I would like to have longer meets,” says Burton, “longer meets means more time to spread the news.”

Burton also would like longer Academic team meetings. That would provide  the team time to set up the buzzer system, in result, making them more efficient at tournaments. 

The variety of after school activities offered by WJMS seems to meet the student’s standards, though there are always improvements that could be made. But if you aren’t involved in some of these activities already, it’s an excellent opportunity to extend your experience at West Middle.