What’s Up With Cross Country?


Bailey Reed & Isaac Maynard

When you hear the words “cross country,” what comes to your mind? If you have not played the sport or had experience with cross country then you might think of a group of people running in a long, slow, excruciating race. However, there is more to cross country than meets the eye.

“I don’t like cross country that much,” admits Cooper Bender, an eighth-grade runner on the cross country team. But one of the goals he does have is to get faster.

 Another eighth-grader Carter McMillan has a different point of  view of cross country. McMillan says “I would like to get faster and beat my personal record of a twelve minute 3K on the Saturday meet.” McMillan also said that he does cross country because it is a good conditioning sport to prepare him for basketball.

While these runners have different opinions on cross country, something that they all  agree is that their coach is a good motivational speaker. Before meets he encourages them and challenges them to do better.

Bender and McMillan both said that the meets are  fun, and they are both shooting to get faster at every meet and beat their previous times.

Esther Kratzer, an eighth grader on the team, adds another side to the story. “I love to run, “she tells us, “but every day it’s one of the hardest things I do, even after running for five years. Each day I have to go to practice willing to work hard in order to get where I want to go.”