8th Grade Student Of The Month

  At West Jessamine Middle school Students Of The Month were chosen recently, with different people and personalities that vary. They were chosen because of good colt character (Respectful, Responsible, Safe, and Connected.)

   Phoebe was very excited from receiving Students of the Month. She said that it was not that big a deal the teachers recognize students with good colt character. She said that she got it by having good grades and no negative comments.

   “If you work hard and help others and have a positive attitude you will achieve good things” said by 8th grade Cadence she was also excited that she got student of the month. She also explains that she felt very surprised and happy that she got it and made her dad proud. She said that she got it because she always stays focused and on task she also says that everyone on their top game deserves a reward for their hard work so it can inspire them to do better and keep up the good work.She thought that she did deserve to get it because she works hard and stays on task she also has good grades and she always walks in school with a positive attitude.

  “Turn your can’t into can and your dreams into plans” said Zeke another 8th grade student. He said he got it because he was kind to others and did what the teachers asked.when we asked him how he felt about receiving student of the month he claimed that he really wasn’t really that surprised about receiving it because he felt that he had worked hard this year. He also said he was happy to get it.

   “Try your best no matter if you want to do it or not” said  8th grader Cooper. He said that he was surprised and pleased when he got it. He said that he got it because he tries  to help others in class and puts forth a lot of effort in class. he also said that he is happy that he can share it with other students.

In conclusion, all of the Students of the Month at WJMS were all chosen for different purposes. Everyone that we have spoke of all have different characteristics and personalities. We could not fit all of them in so we only did a few.