WJMS Cheerleading: Let’s Go Colts!


Leeann McKinney

Cheerleaders performing tricks and flips is a common sight at a basketball or football game. However, they do more than just provide entertainment for the crowd. They encourage West Jessamine Middle School players, as well as keep the crowd energized.  

Cheerleading season has begun. Our WJMS cheerleaders are cheering their hearts to try and give our team support. They mostly cheer at home basketball or football games. As of now, they are always preparing for competition where they go against other cheerleading teams in the district.

Willa Hudson seventh-grade cheerleader gets really excited on gameday. “Cheering at a game gets me hyped and makes me feel jumpy and crazy,” said Hudson.

The all-girl squad is coached by Jordan Brovelli and Kristen Harris. Seventh-grader Keeley Grose loves cheerleading but sometimes her nerves get the best of her.

“Cheering at a game in the fourth quarter when we are losing I get super nervous,” said Grose.   

Our cheerleaders may sometimes not get the credit they deserve, but they are off to a great start to an amazing season. So remember the next time you are at a game to not only cheer for the players- but to also give a shout out to our WJMS Cheerleaders!