Dziki Does It All


Razor Sharp

     Have you ever felt like you need help with stuff that’s been happening at home, or even at school? Well, Guidance Counselor Carrie Dziki has you covered and will understand and solve your problems as fast as she can, at anytime during the school day.

     Dziki begins her day at 7:40, leaves at 4:45, and throughout that time she is solving problems such as drama, suicidal thoughts, stuff going on at home, and friend issues. Sixth, seventh and eighth graders all turn to Dziki or West Middle’s other counselor, Jessica Zeitz, for help whenever their struggling.  

     “I love helping kids,” Dziki said during a press conference in journalism class. “I love watching kids grow from sixth grade to eighth grade.”

     When she is not counseling students, she is working with Sources of Strength, National Junior Honor Society and helping to create schedules for more than 1,000 students. 

     Counseling day in and day out, Dziki draws her strength from the acts and words of her hero. “Who is my hero? I would say Mother Teresa… I try to model her selflessness.”