8th Grade Hoops

   Two eighth graders at West Jessamine Middle School, Dylan Gregory and Chris Clark, are in the beginning of their basketball season for the West Jessamine Middle School eighth-grade grade basketball team. They both really enjoy being on the team and experiencing the tough practices that they have to go through to become better players.
Dylan Gregory, a player on the eighth grade basketball team, says that being on the team makes his relationship status better with the other teammates. He thinks that being on the team creates a bond with all of the players because they see each other so often.
   “I get to see my friends every day because most of them are on the team. I’ve also made many new friends from  the basketball team,” Gregory said.
     Chris Clark, another player on the eighth grade basketball team, says that being on the team is hard at times. He says that the coaches push the players every practice and makes the players run their heads off.
   “The team practices three to four days a week. Depending on how good we play during our games, the practices are very intense. If we have a good games before the day of a practice, then the practice will be light and easy. If we get blown out and lose, then the practice will be really hard. Some of the players have gotten sick after practices because of how much we run,” Clark stated.
   Being on the basketball team requires a lot of effort and determination. Both Gregory and Clark think that being on the team is hard work, but fun when you get to win and be with your friends “Going to practices are sometimes rough and difficult but it all pays off when we win games,” Gregory said the players see each other every day which makes them have a special bond with one another. “It’s like we are a big family,” Clark said.