WJMS Riddles

1:How many eggs can you put into an empty basket?



Answer: one because then it won’t be empty 


2: What gets wet when its drying 



Answer: a towel 


3: what goes up and down but doesn’t move 



Answer: stairs 


4: what has an eye but can see 



Answer: a hurricane 


5: what can you catch but never throw 



Answer: a cold 


6: what’s the easy way to double your money 



Answer: put it in a mirror 


7:what becomes smaller when you turn it upside down 



Answer: a number nine 


8:where do you find a ocean with no water 



Answers: a map 


9:what’s white when it’s dirty but black when its clean



Answer: a chalkboard


10: I’m tall when i’m young and short when i’m old. 




Answer: a candle 


11:what becomes shorter when you add two letters 




Answer: the word short 


12:what has to be broken before you can use it 




Answer: a egg


13:what gets bigger the more gets taken away




Answer: a hole 


14:what belongs to you but your friends use it more




Answer: your name 


15:what has a head and a tail but no body 




Answer: a coin