WJMS Football: Going For The Full 9 Yards


The West Jessamine Middle School football team is a hardworking and dedicated group. Players on this team Ryan Lawson and Nate Harrison say that their “ teammates are very hardworking and they push each other to their limits.”

 The coach here at West Jessamine does his best to help his players to improve, Lawson says “This is my first year playing football and he has improved a lot.”

If you are looking forward to playing football come to West Jessamine Middle you will most likely make new friends and be able to improve in football. The coach wants 65 players by next season, so there is room for everyone on this team!

Football is also a great way to be active as well as have fun with friends. 

“Football gets me physically fit,” Lawson said. 

The team’s resilience and grit will certainly help them to continue to improve and grow as a team and individually, so make sure to keep an eye out for the WJMS football team!