A Day In The Office


Mrs. Cook is one of the many people who work in the front office.

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in the office? Lots of jobs in the office can help make our school be an organized and an overall better school such as the secretary, attendance clerk, and nurse. These jobs are hard jobs that lots of people don’t realize affect them. However, these people help our everyday schools day, so it’s interesting and important to learn about what they do.

Have you ever felt sick or had a fever and went home early? Well, maybe you didn’t realize this but you just gave three people work to help you get home. Jennie Lockridge is the school nurse that you would go to if you feel sick and you would take your temperature. But did you know that this is not the only job? On top of dealing with headaches, fever, and kids trying to get out of a test, she  deals with people with chronic illnesses and gives them the privilege to go to West Middle. She also does a lot of filing with kid’s medical records.

The next person that will help you is Cathy Davis, who calls your parents as well as your teacher and then she deals with the parents- and she has dealt with some crazy ones. She says her favorite part of the job was to see parents come in angry and see them leave happy. But letting people in and out and sending people home has not been her only job, she has had an arrangement of jobs before this including the military, but this one by far was her favorite. Davis is the woman who holds the whole office together, so if someone needs something Davis is the person to ask.

Have you ever wondered who takes your absence notes for being sick? That absence you had will go to Pamela Cook the attendance clerk. She does lots of filing and  she also takes care of all the new students’ registers. She organizes the sick and absent notes you and your parents send in to the office. She often gets a collection of unusual notes. You might recognize her, she was a secretary before this and then moved to this current job. When asked the question which job she liked better she was  hesitant to decide and replied, “I’d say they are both about equal. I mean up there at the front desk secretary… it was really busy but you got to interact with other kids and people… attendance back here is a little more peace and quiet.”   

Last but not least, have you ever had to go to the office for a positive or negative office referral? Well, the person you go to is Mathew Simpson. He takes about three to seven bad office referrals a day. He has been working at WJMS for five years. The hardest part about his job is that you always have to be ready to go. When asked what his favorite part about his job is he replied, “My favorite thing is helping students to improve and be stronger students.”

Now you have experienced a sneak peak about what goes on in the office and the people that work hard every single day to help our school to be a great school that it is. We thank Lockridge, Davis, Cook and Simpson for being the great workers that they are and helping our fantastic school.