What The Music Is All About

Do you want to start a career in music? Well, according to two seventh-grade West Jessamine Middle School band students, Henry Clarke and Jacob Day, the band is a great gateway into that path.

Day and Clarke both really enjoy band, and both think band is a helpful thing to do when planning to start a career in music. Their reasoning is that you would not only learn to cooperate with other musicians, you would also learn to read sheet music, and get to practice playing your instrument daily.

Clarke even gave some recommendations for anyone looking to start a career in music, or join band, saying, “Outside practice is key in band.” Day gave similar recommendations, saying, “Practice a lot, put in the work, it’s worth it.” According to both of them, doing these things will ensure you’ll have a good headstart when it comes to music.

Day was led to join band due to his friends being in it, and he wanted to have fun. Clarke wanted to try something new, leading him to the class. Even though both Day and Clarke are in seventh-grade, they both have four plus years of experience in music, and were in band since sixth-grade, both having participated in four to five performances. Both musicians want to keep working with music for a long time. Day wants to teach his siblings how to play instruments with his knowledge of music, and Clarke plans to keep it as a hobby. Day plays a baritone TC, and dislikes the way it is held and Clarke doesn’t like the height of his bari sax, however, despite these minor annoyances, both musicians enjoy their instruments for multiple reasons, one of those being the sound they both make.

Despite the possibility of slackers and people who are off tune dulling your experience in band, both Henry Clarke and Jacob Day think you should join the class, especially if you want to  pursue a career in music. If you still have doubts about the class, just remember all the things that it can do for a developing career in music. If you don’t want to pursue a career in music, you should still consider joining, as according to Clarke, “It’s surprisingly fun, and worth the effort.”