Talented Dancers


The WJMS Dance Team performs at football and basketball games.

The dance team’s season is finally off to a start! However- what are the girls really doing? Where are they going, what competitions are they competing in? Team members  Taylor Taulbee- dance captain- and Heidi Hicks- co-captain- can shed some light on the details for us.  

 Taulbee, eighth-grade, and team captain, is on the West Jessamine Colts dance team. “I think the dance team is doing great. The girls are doing absolutely amazing” Taulbee confidently states. Taulbee says that she’s been dancing for around three years. While co-captain, seventh-grader Hicks has been dancing for 10 years. “The season is going really well.” Hicks mentioned

There are around 11 girls on the West Jessamine Colts dance team and they have won around two competitions since they have started. “I’m usually very nervous before we perform just because I’m afraid of messing up.” Taulbee said. “I love performing. Its amazing and I love how well the girls do.’’ Hicks says. One of their most recent performances was really loved by the audience. They have performed around 10 times so far.

Some of these girls plan to go far with dancing. For example, Hicks wants to earn a scholarship for dancing. Meanwhile, Taulbee wants to perform all the way up until the start of college. Hicks says she started because she wanted to be on a team of something but then she actually really got into it and began to love it. Taulbee says she began dancing because she wanted to do ballet but over the years it just became a talent and a love of hers.

These girls have been working hard to make amazing performances and have done an absolutely splendid job. They have performed at almost all West Jessamine Middle School football and basketball games. If you don’t believe me, go to one of the games and I promise you, you will be blown away by their talent.