Thoughts on Quarantining


Adam Nieścioruk on Unsplash

When COVID-19 hit West Middle students were forced to quarantine.

Kennedy Bender

We will be telling our family the times of COVID-19 for generations as this has come to be a crazy and scary time that we will never forget. Seventh-graders Sarah Crouse and Aly Doyle have different perspectives on their time stuck in quarantine.

“This is the most bored I have ever been!” said Crouse. But for Doyle, that is a different story. She claims that she is most upset by not being able to hang out with her friends.

With business closed and an endless cycle of NTI work, there is not many things to do while at home.  While both girls spend the day outside most of the time, on rainy days they spend in their rooms. Crouse spends her day watching movies while Doyle eats and talks to friends.

While it may seems like this is almost over, the two girls have different guesses on when life with resume to normalcy.

“It will be over by July 23rd,” Crouse states.

“Middle of May,” Doyle says.