Thanksgiving Is Not A Time Of The Year, But An Attitude Of The Heart

In all things, give thanks. West Jessamine Middle School Seventh-grade Thanksgiving lovers, Emma Storch and Lucy Lemaster fill us in on their turkey-day favorites.  

Storch’s family tradition is to go to her Grandma’s house and have a Thanksgiving dinner with her Mom, Dad, two sisters, Grandma,and Grandpa. Lemaster’s family tradition is to stay up all night and play games, watch movies, and eat food. 

“The importance of Thanksgiving is to thank the Lord for what he has given us,¨ Storch said.  

As many people can relate, Storch’s favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving is pumpkin pie, but she also eats turkey and mashed potatoes. Lemaster’s favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving is stuffing, but she also eats turkey, dressing, potatoes, green beans, and corn.

As with so many other things COVID-19 is impacting many people’s Thanksgivings and even Storch will not be able to see a whole lot of her family. She is still not letting that put a damper on her day. 

¨Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays,¨ Storch said.