Clean sweep


Staff photo

David Marsee is one of the janitors at West Middle.

Kylee Evans

Squeaky clean! David Marsee is one of the custodians at West Jessamine Middle School who work to keep the school clean.  

While Marsee  is known by most students as being just a janitor, kids don’t quite understand how much he really does for the school. Marsee enjoys cleaning, fixing things and just about any maintenance job which some may find as a chore but he thinks of it as something fun to do.

Covid-19 has been crazy for many work places, which have been shut down because of the contagious virus. The pandemic has even forced Marsee’s job to change. Typically his work hours are from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. but now there is too much to do to get it all done in that time frame.  

“Where we have kind of had all this Covid stuff going on, I’ve been working a lot of over time, staying till 6:30 in the evening,” Marsee said. 

Over the summer, before school starts he changes all the locks on the lockers by hand. During the school year, the thing Marsee does most often is help students with locker jams. 

Helping others is in Marsee’s blood. His father built houses and his mom was a stay at home mom and then worked in a cafeteria at an elementary school. 

“I’ve done a lot of maintenance work, like working on apartments and things and fixing things,” Marsee said. 

The father of two has always lived in Nicholasville.