A Whole New Way to Perform


Staff photo

Band students during the 2019 school year.

Whether you play a wind, brass or percussion instrument, all band members have been forced to adapt with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

To continue having band class, new safety precautions are in place which include wearing a mask with a hole on it to play the instrument, and a bell cover (a piece of cloth to go over the bell). 

“I think this is necessary, we don’t want to spread the virus, and if we just did the normal rules, we would be in the red zone immediately,” said seventh-grader Emily Burns, a flute player. 

Burns and many other band players want to continue to be in the band, while staying safe.

“Playing the trombone is most likely the hardest to play because of the masks,” said Kamise McKibben, a seventh-grade band member. “Because you have to move the slide back and forth, which will move the mask all around.”

Students are upset that there will be no band concerts this year. 

“I think we should have concerts but only if we have extra safety precautions, and a limited amount of people.” McKibben said.