What do Athletes Think About Playing for West?

Connor Mason, 8th Grade

What do football players think about West? Everyone knows that the school loves and appreciates them. But what about the players? Here is the player’s opinion on being a West Jessamine Middle athlete. 

Eighth-grader Ezekiel Mummert has been playing football all his life. While he enjoys playing for West, the lack of wins has put a damper on his feelings. 

“It’s fun playing for West but not getting the amount of games we deserve is rough,” says Mummert. 

Quarterback and fellow eighth-grader, James Smith has a different point-of-view.

Smith likes to play for West and believes as long as they put hard work in the wins will come. 

“I love playing for West,” Smith said. “I feel like it’s my home and the wins will come. I’m looking forward to show everyone in high school”

Even though Covid-19 made this a tough season the players fought hard and are looking forward to playing their best in high school.

“Look out for us next year,” says Smith.