Serving Up a New Lunch


Staff Photo

The cafeteria at West Middle during the 2019 school year.

Chathum Railey, Kai Johnson, Aiden Johnson, 7th Grade

Have you noticed how the cafeteria food looks different? It is in plastic bags and in tin containers. This is due to the new safety precautions for the students at West Jessamine Middle School during the world’s COVID-19 pandemic. 

These changes were a necessary step to return to in-person instruction. In addition to the new food, students are no longer allowed to eat in the cafeteria and must eat in their classroom instead. 

“We are concerned about COVID-19 and we are taking extra safety  precautions to make sure everyone is safe, fed and sanitized,” said Patty Habermann the manager of the cafeteria.

 This school year has shown us that things need to be altered in order for everyone to be safe and to follow new protocols. 

“We have to be flexible and try to work in different ways,” said Matt Albertson, school principal.

West Middle resumed in-person instruction Jan. 19.