JCS Expected to Return to In-person Instruction

JCS Expected to Return to In-person Instruction

Jessamine County Schools Superintendent, Matt Moore, announced an increase to in-person days starting March 15. Here is the letter he sent to families:


February 12, 2021 

Dear JCS Families, 

I hope that your family is safe and warm during this extended period of winter weather and that the ice storm hasn’t presented too many challenges for you. Our custodians and maintenance staff are working hard to prepare our campuses for the return of our students as soon as conditions permit. I know that road crews are doing their best to clear the streets and we hope to be back in-person with our students on Tuesday, February 16th, following the President’s Day holiday on Monday, the 15th. 

Jessamine County’s COVID-19 incidence rate continues to decline, with yesterday’s rate at 31.7. This reduction in the spread of the virus in our community, as well as staff vaccinations, and our district’s successful efforts to increase the number of available substitute teachers are significant steps toward safely providing an expanded schedule for in-person instruction. 

I am very excited to share that due to these improvements, we will return to five days a week of in-person instruction for our kindergarten and elementary students and four days a week of in-person instruction for our middle and high schools on March 15, 2021. In-person instruction on Monday-Thursday for our middle and high school students will allow us to serve these learners with the same expert content teachers who will continue to work with their existing students. Middle and high school principals will share additional details regarding the schedules in the near future. 

There are several reasons that we have chosen March 15th as the time to make this transition back to a more traditional in-person schedule:

  • Limiting the number of transitions for our students and staff is extremely important and waiting until this time will enable us to continue to monitor COVID transmission trend data to ensure that our incidence rate stabilizes or even better, continues to decline. This will also allow us time to make any necessary adjustments to our COVID-19 protocols and procedures in response. 
  • New revised guidance released by the CDC earlier this week eliminates the requirement for quarantines for those individuals who have received both vaccine doses and are two weeks past the administration of their second dose. March 15th coincides with the time when the large percentage of our staff who soon should receive their second dose will have maximum protection and meet this criteria. This change will help to limit staff quarantines and ensure that we are able to provide adequate staffing for our in-person students. 
  • This date also coincides with the beginning of our next nine week grading period and the time when students who request a change from the Virtual Learning Academy to in-person or from in-person to the VLA will make the transition. I want our families to have as much notice as possible to help as you plan for your family’s needs and make a selection for your student’s instructional model for the last nine week grading period. 

As we have progressed through this pandemic, I hope our actions have confirmed that JCS takes the safety of our students and staff very seriously. If your child is currently receiving instruction through the VLA and your family’s situation allows for it, we would love to see your child return to in-person instruction for the final quarter. Those families who would like to change their student’s instructional model can do so with the form at this link. The deadline to submit your change form is February 25th. Students who request a change will transition on March 15th. If you would like for your student to remain in the same instructional model as the current grading period, no action is required. 

Our smaller in-person class sizes and small groups are having a tremendous impact on our teachers’ ability to individualize instruction and provide additional learning opportunities for students. We will take advantage of the time between now and March 15th to continue this work and provide extra support to assist students who may need to “catch up, “ before welcoming all of our students back to campus to learn together on March 15th.

As always, thank you for your partnership and your support as they are integral to our success. 


Matt Moore