Student Spotlight: Sharon Collins


Isaiah Merricks

Beau Young, one of the spotlighted students.

Isaiah Merricks, Head Reporter, West Press

This school year has been a little wonky, we all know that. But with this crazy year our school has had to stop doing some things we’ve always done. We haven’t used the cafeteria all year, sports have limited spectators, and student of the month hasn’t been happening. At the West Press we want to celebrate students who have been doing well this year, even in crazy conditions. I recently talked to 8th grade ELA teacher Mrs. Collins about students she thinks have been standing out this year, and she told me about 2 students who she thinks have been standing out in her classes this year.


Q: Who is one student who stands out to you this year?


A: “Well one particular student who comes to mind is Lyla Martin, she’s one of my virtual students, and she really stands out as someone who is always doing what she’s supposed to be doing, always gets her work done and done well, and she always participates in class.”


Q: And what makes Lyla stand out even in a virtual setting of class?

A: “… She’s always offering to assist. If someone asks a question in the comments she’ll find the answer for them…”  


Who’s another student who’s really standing out this year?


A: “Another person who stands out is Beau Young, and he, like Lyla, always gets his work done and done well. Sometimes on B days he will actually send me an email and ask ‘Is there an assignment today?’ and it kind of reminds me to get my B day work posted. He’s extremely helpful to me and to his peers and I appreciate his hard work.”  


So there you go, two students who stand out in classes both virtual and in person. Thank you to Mrs. Collins for letting me interview her and Congratulations Beau and Lyla!